Monday, September 27, 2010

Marner Brown

Had a pretty relaxed weekend but I did land up at a gig night on Sat and saw some fab bands. For me the best band are always on last. This band are Marner Brown and I think they will make it big. A band of five guys which all have their own look going, merge together to create some fantastic indie music.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Woody's is Greener on the Other side of the Bridge

Amazing Piano at Woody's
Amazing Eclectic Decor in Woody's
You know when you walk along not looking for anything particular but a good place for some scrumptious grub. Well we had been wedding dress shopping me and my soon to be wed Cousin and we decided to grab a bite to eat along the river. Heading towards the usual hang outs we decided to walk just over the bridge and see if there was any greener on the other side. Well we stumbled onto a place called Woody's and being a bit of a decor junky, Woodys ticked all the boxes. And in my usual style please see pictures of the fantastic decor. The food turned out to be great too. What a find -lovely food and fantastic decor.

Friday, September 17, 2010

River Fun

Fireworks over the Thames, a fantastic twirling Carnival Parade...what more could you want after a lovely day out in London. This year I ooooh and aaahed over the the lovely apple store with the most delicious looking apples, the fab ice cream that was given away for free, did I mention that I love freebies. The free orange jelly beans, the edible bubbles that floated from the bubble stall, the vintage fabric chicken door stoppers and some fantastic people were all in the mix on Sun the 12th September. Oh and I squealed with delight when the best ever fireworks show lit up London. You gotta love the Thames Festival x