Monday, November 29, 2010

Wind Wheels

I took some pictures of the Wind Wheels that I bought and although their only use is as decoration there is more to flower shaped folded paper, than just that. They remind me of being young, the simple pleasure of a summers day, laughing and running with the wind spinning through the feather light folded paper and the whirring sound of childhood that is now far away.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Super Cool Vintage Camera

Sculpture off Portobello Road somewhere

Today I'm just posting some favourite pictures, as you can see one one is a picture of a Super Vintage Camera (I absolutely heart Vintage Cameras) and the other is of a sculpture off Portobello Road, past the market and down another street. I can't seem to find the artist or the story behind this sculpture but I though it made a great picture and was totally a suprise when looking up from all the stalls to see the face of a child and a strange horse!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nursery Chic

A lovely treat on a Sunday is Petersham Nursery,
tucked in between Richmond Hill pastures near the river and Richmond Park this is the perfect little nursery that combines plants and rustic decor for sale. Lovely cakes and tea can be had in amongst the potted plants in mini hot houses. Tables with lovely decor from candles holders and handmade wrapped soaps makes this one of my favourite little finds.

Autumn Chills

Oh its getting so chilly, with the Autumn leaves fluttering fast off the branches of the trees and covering the ground in a lovely yellow and orange carpet. Time for winter woolly scarves and mittens and a very warm coat, hot chai lattes and fire places. Brrr......