Friday, July 30, 2010

Sweet Sounds to the Ears

By chance I stumbled upon The Arcade Fire rocking the 'burbs folllowing links which lead onto more links and Suburbs the new album released by the Arcade Fire bunch. Searching for concert tickets already! Listen to my favourite song and other amazing music from this new album.

Next on the list is The Black Keys suggested by a friend - a jangle of guitar and hard rock with a twang from the two man band. My favourite song at the moment from this duo is I Got Mine from the Album Attack & Release. Please click below to hear some eargasmic sounds.

London Baby!

Oh I'm so excited!!! I'm headed for London in the next week and I can't wait. Love London is worth lots oh hearts. Yeah so I missed out the most part of summer, a pity. But I'm ready to be rocked by some Fab Fashion as only London knows how, cool markets and lots of interesting places and people. Not to mention the array of food and local little hang outs. Oh and the Thames festival will be on the 11th &12 September which is one of my favourites it runs along the bank of the Thames on the South Bank for more information.
Pictures are all taken along the Thames on different times and days, the walk from London Bridge to Waterloo along the Southbank is one of my favourites.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Treasure Hunt

So I headed out and found some marvellous things. It was off to all my old vintage haunts for a proper search for treasure. Some days you get lucky and other days are just a great let down. But I must admit I found some lovely goodies. So with no more delay I present my finds.
A instant vintage collection of tins, ranging from small to large from pencil cases to tea tins - I think I have a thing for tins!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Puppy Love

Okay so I'm still here and going strong, day 2 and I'm ready to post my favourite thing for today. Who know I may start really getting into this and find more than one item a day. But lets just focus on getting this done. I looked over my one post and I felt the need to add, I like to collect. Its like a crowd of ornaments on a mantle piece, just the right mix is needed to make a great display. Enough of that today its going to be a little furry friend that graces this blog. What a cutie and the expression just clinched the deal and he is the Favourite Thing for today.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Favourite Things No. 1

Finally, I've decided to get this blog going. With much procrastination and general I'm too busy attitude this never got started. I'm about to remedy that and start Today with My Favourite Things no.1, because we all have to start somewhere. I found this photograph in one of my files from London and it made me nostalgic, I love Merry Go Rounds they send you right back to childhood! A little Photoshop help to make this picture look exactly how I remember my rides on the Merry Go Round. Ta da this is my Favourite Thing for today.