Saturday, March 24, 2012

Yayoi Kusama - All about the Dots, Dotty

Infinity Mirror Installation
Went down to the tate Modern today after having read about Yayoi Kasuma, one of Japan's best known artists. At 83 she has constantly reinvented her Art and at the Tate a exhibition of quite a few of her Artworks the biggest of its kind in the UK to date are to view. Spanning from the early days when her drawings were detailed and small some what resembling cells and molecules looking strangely like organic matter under a micoscope to later works on large canvases with the same brushstroke repeated all over the canvas. Also in this exhibition is the common thread of Polka Dots which runs right through from Kusama's beginning works to a instalation of a room with furniture which is dark and covered in lumo polka dots. Right at the end of the Exhibition and truly my favourite part is a room with mirrors and water covered areas acting as relective surfaces to lots of small lights hanging down, which change colour. The room is very disorientaing but really so beautiful, there is something very magical and playful about this room. A exhibition I would recommend with some very different aspects, from an Artist who has spent her life creating, experimenting and exploring!

Changing Colours the Infinity Mirro Installation

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