Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mr Kind and the Sailing Shoe

So its been a full week back in the BIG smoke, and what can I say summer has flown past. I'm afraid a little drizzle between some sunshine is about the only rays I'm seeing at the moment. Never fear where London doesn't make up for weather it certainly makes up for in people and places. Like for instance today has been a long day and I wait at the bus stop for the red giant to come along the road and take me to my destination. I get on the bus when it finally arrives shuffle along and my shoe gets stuck on the side of a chair, and I pull to get to free and my shoes pops off and sails along down the bus in mid air. I start blushing hiding my stockinged shoeless foot, trying to catch my shoe in mid air when a stranger Mr Kind kindly and calmy picks up my shoe and hands it back! Thank you to the Gentleman to helped me on the 281 bus.

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